A Startup is Born: How to validate and execute an idea

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2/26/20241 min read

Welcome to the first networking event of Startup Activator 5.0!

The theme is perfect for a start, namely "A Startup is Born: How to Validate and Execute Your Idea".

The speaker at the event will be our founder: Nikolay R. Stoykov - Product Strategist and "Angel Investor"

Type of event: Invite-only

Format: Short lecture with networking

Start: March 12, 2024, from 19:00

Location: You will find out from your personalized invitation!

The event is suitable for current and future founders of StartUp companies, as well as potential investors in technology projects.

Additional information about the first speaker at the event:

Niki consults product companies in various directions, but his greatest strength is in the field of Financial Technologies (FinTech).

Before starting his business, he held key positions in large companies, such as:

💲iCard - Head of Operations of a business unit developing digital payment services;

💲Alaric Securities - Head of Product Development and Member of the Board of Directors of a Subsidiary for Electronic Money - 10n Payments;

Some interesting facts about Niki:

He has led software projects in the field of payments, trading in financial instruments, and insurance;

Successfully defended a license for an Electronic Money Company before the management of BNB;

Co-owner of Rosa D'oro pizzerias in the city of Varna;

Mentor and ambassador for financial literacy education for children and youth;